I am sure that if you have come here, you have come here to know all about concussions. Let’s get started. Construction is commonly known as a very traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function. The effects are actually temporary but can include a lot of headaches and some problem with concentration, balance, coordination and even sometimes memory. That is actually very scary, that a concussion can actually cause problems with memory. Concussions or actually cost because you’ve experienced a severe blow to the head. It violently shakes the head and the upper body. It also shakes your brain, which is inside your head. If you fall, you could actually experience a concussion. Concussions are also very common if you play contact sports like soccer, football and more. A lot of people usually fully recover after a concussion. You need a lot of rest if you have experienced one.

Here are some symptoms. There are many signs that point towards a concussion. They can actually be very subtle, and some of them may not even shop immediately. Some symptoms last for days, even weeks at a time. The most common symptoms after a concussive and traumatic brain injury are headaches, loss of memory which is also known as amnesia, and confusion. The Anwesha usually involves you forgetting the event, which actually caused the concussion. I am sure you have heard of many individuals forgetting that they took a hard fall. After the event, they end up asking the people around them what exactly happened and how they fell. They do that because they do not remember it.

hard fall

Here are some more symptoms that you could actually face when you have experienced a violent concussion. You could have ringing in the ears; you could have some nausea, vomiting, fatigue and drowsiness. Some people have also reported some blurry vision, but this stops after a while. A lot of people have said that they experience confusion, dizziness and seeing stars. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, I suggest you hit the emergency room as soon as possible, with the help of someone. A lot of other people have also recorded to lose consciousness, as slurred speech, delay in response to questions, and very dazed experience, complete lack of coordination and forgetfulness. Some people actually asked the same questions again and again, because they have completely forgotten asking the question in the first place.


These are the symptoms that you could experience, or some of them can actually occur a couple of days after the injury. You could have some trouble concentrating. You could actually have irritability and some personality changes for a couple of days. A lot of people have reported to be sensitive to light and noise.